Staffing Solution

Shinol Workforce Inc., is a trusted choice for many high-profile organizations in Ontario. Over the years, Shinol Workforce Inc. had been proud to provide services for our prestigious clients ranging from a variety of industries.

We understand that our services add value for your money by improving cost efficiency and time saved. One of the intricacies involved while dealing with staffing is handling market fluctuations where it becomes quite a hassle to scale up or down the demand cycle. However, our clients have benefited from Shinol Workforce Inc’s contingency plan which ensures the supply curve is adhered to and also from other potential legal formalities and paperwork

With our experience and our reach in the market, we are equipped with ample resource to take on-board clients of industries ranging from automotive, EMS manufacturing, Cosmetics, FMCG, retail, food manufacturing, recycling industries, casinos, convention centres, industrial manufacturing and extrusion,